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I am interested in both functional and decorative ceramics, and the intersection between the two. My non-functional work uses clay to explore ideas of memory, the passage of time,  and a sense of place. Employing a range of ceramic processes including both throwing and slip casting, I enjoy using organic additions, oxide powders and matte glazes to create subtle surfaces indicative of the marks and traces left by natural forces.

Working in both stoneware and porcelain, I get pleasure from the immediacy and meditative quality of throwing on the potter’s wheel, whilst I find the nature of slip casting as a process resonates with the themes at play in my work. It is imbued with memory, always producing a ghostly replica of the original.

Current interests include fictional worlds and and how, through the lens of fiction, we may find a safe and potentially freeing space to reflect on the state of our current times. I draw on the language of decay and the ruin as an uncanny marker of both time and civilisations in order to draw the viewer’s awareness towards their own place within the chronology of the world, particularly within the context of impending climate disaster.

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